Atomic Wallet - Buy, Stake and Exchange

For feasible management of your crypto funds, you will eventually need storage that comes with high-end security features and a user-friendly interface. But, this is not all that we require from a wallet as there are some other functionalities that a user looks for. In modern-day crypto wallets, there are options for buying, exchanging, and staking cryptos and that's what Atomic wallet comes pre-equipped with. Yes, you read that right. Today, we are going to discuss all that is required for you to understand this wallet in a better way. And to begin with, we will define what this wallet is and then this should be followed by a detailed discussion on how to use it as a beginner.

‍What is Atomic wallet and how to use Atomic wallet?

A platform that helps you keep your identity anonymous while you use it, Atomic wallet is a crypto wallet with storage and other exclusive facilities that aid you with asset management. This wallet is known to give users the eligibility to easily manage more than 300 crypto funds in one place. However, along with letting you exchange, store, and buy crypto assets, you can also use it to "Stake" crypto assets. Along with being a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, it comes with exceptional security features and makes sure that your funds remain safe in highly encrypted crypto storage. Currently, there are around 4,000,000 users who are using this wallet and you can also join the league by setting up the wallet without any further ado.Now, comes the part where we will give you a brief summary of how to use this wallet. Well, in order to use this wallet and make the most out of it, you initially need to get the wallet extension downloaded on your device, then sign up to set a new wallet, log in to it, and start using it as and when required. Thus, to help you begin using it, we have listed all the necessary steps right here in the upcoming sections.